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Sat 1.11.Taiichi Kamimura - Chris Wiesendanger Quartet
Taiichi Kamimura: tenor/soprano saxes, Chris Wiesendanger: piano, Hiroshi Yoshino: bass, Manabu Hashimoto: drums
Sun 2.11.Rosa loui. Kurt Marti, vertont und fortgeschrieben
Guy Krneta: Autor/Sprecher, Ruedi Schmid: Gitarre, Pascal Grünenfelder: Bass, Peter Fischer: Schlagzeug
Tue 4.11. & Wed 5.11.Tobias Meinhart Quintet
Tobias Meinhart: tenor sax/bass clarinet, Lou Lecaudey: trombone, Jorn Swart: piano, Tom Berkmann: bass, Valentin Schuster: drums
Thu 6.11.Vein
Michael Arbenz: piano, Thomas Lähns: bass, Florian Arbenz: drums
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Admission CHF 8.- to 24.-
(according to the daily program)
via specific day

Opening hours

20.00 - 23.30 h approx.
Live Music 20.30 - 22.45 h approx.

September to May:
Tuesday to Saturday

Wednesday to Saturday

(plus special events)

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