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Booking + Programing Policies

Programming policies

We see ourselves as a musical platform where national and international musicians and music fans meet in a friendly, personal atmosphere. The quality of the music is our top priority. Our wide-ranging program alternates young artists with established musicians. We cultivate the tradition while also promoting new developments and keeping up with the Zeitgeist.

We treat all musicians with respect, welcome them on equal terms and support them as performing artists so they can fully concentrate on their music. We take their concerns and needs seriously.



Musicians interested in performing at the Bird's Eye Jazz Club should first familiarize themselves with our program to get an idea of the range of styles at our concerts and the high quality of the music we promote. As we receive numerous applications every day and the large number of good bands and projects out there exceeds our capacity, we are unfortunately unable to respond to all inquiries personally. Normally we book our program about six to eight months in advance, but we also leave room for bookings at shorter notice. We generally recommend that interested musicians contact us with an inquiry as early as possible.



Please send the following info via email:


Thank you for your interest in performing at the Bird's Eye Jazz Club.





Here is the current list of our equipment:


Grand piano1YamahaConservatory C 32 Yamahiko Pickups attached
Double bass1Plywood3/4, adj. bridge, evah pirazzi strings
Drumset1Lauper Bass Drum 18x14
1Floor Tom16x14
1Floor Tom14x14
1Mounted Tom12x8
1Snare Drum14x6
1Hihat Stand
3Bassdrum PedalsCamco, DW 5000, Jojo Mayer
4Cymbal Stands
1Zildjian Hihat Set14”
2Ride (Dark Ride/Medium Ride)20” (1x with sizzles)
2Drum thrones
Keyboard Stands2height adjustable
Guitar amps1FenderTwin Reverb
1FenderBlues Junior IV
Bass amps1Gallien KruegerMB150 S
1Gallien Krueger200MB
1Phil Jones BG-300
1Mark BassLittle Mark Tube
Passive speakers1Glockenklang Space Art1x12"
2Glockenklang Acoustic Art Bassbox1x12"
1MarkbassStandard 104 HF4x10"
Active speakers1YamahaMS 60 S
Condensator microphones2DPA (B&K)4011
2SchoepsMK 4
1SchoepsCCM 4
1SchoepsCMC 41
1SchoepsCMIT 5
1SchoepsCCM 4V
1Ehrlund EHR-H
1Ehrlund EHR-T
2Ehrlund EHR-M
1Ehrlund EHR-E
2Ehrlund EHR-D
2Ehrlund EHR-M1
1NeumannKMS 105 BK
2NeumannKM 184
2NeumannTLM 103
1ShureBeta 87A
2Audio TechnicaATM 35 Pro
Dynamic microphones1EVRE 20
1BeyerdynamicM 88 (2023)
2BeyerdynamicM 201 (2023)
4ShureSM 58
3ShureSM 57
1EhrlundEAP XLR
DI-boxes1Grace DesignFelix 2DI / Mic Pre with EQ, mix function
1Atelier der TonkunstDI Box HR
1RadialJDI Stereo
Mixer FOH (analog)1SonosaxSX-VT14 Ch. / with EQ & Comp, 6x Ins. EQ
Reverb1Lexicon PCM91 Stereo Reverb
1Plugin Valhalla Vintage Verb
PA speaker2SeeburgA4
Subwoofer1SeeburgG Sub 1001
12Bloomline OmniwaveOmidirectional speakers
Monitor speakers2d&bE 3
2DynaudioBM 6opt. Glockenklang Spkr., if unused